Module Identity

Elective Module – 1 Credit – 3 Hours/Week

Module Aim/Content

The content of the course involves the following topics:

  1. A lecture on research methodology: The concept and the importance of scientific research. Objectives of research methodology. Selection and framework of the research subject. Time and Stress management,
  2. A lecture on the literature review: Acquaintance with finding, collecting and grouping of relevant literature. The role of literature review in defining the research objectives,
  3. Data Analysis with the statistical program SPSS: The data analysis is introduced through examples with data from companies in the lab. Special emphasis is given to the interpretation of the SPSS output. The specific topics covered are:
    • Coding and data entry.
    • Variable definition.
    • Descriptive statistics (tables, charts and arithmetic measures).
    • Inferential statistics.
    • Parametric and non-parametric hypothesis tests.
    • Statistical models and prediction.


E. Aggelis

Teaching Material

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